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Membership is central to our organization. We value and honor the experiences, perspectives, and analysis that our members bring to the space. This guides our work forward.  As a member you hold the staff and board accountable and bring impact and value into our work. Each year at the annual retreat board members, youth, and staff gather to assess the political moment and build a work plan for the future year.

We are not an advocate organization, we focus on organizing to build up leaders to speak for themselves on issues and situations that are important to them. Staff act as facilitators ensuring communication, action items, and movement is happening on campaigns and issues. We need you to guide our focus and make sure our work is relevant, visionary, collective, inviting and impactful.

We ask you to be a member, at any level you feel comfortable, and commit to building a community that values environmental and economic justice. Funds developed by dues go towards community spaces, micro-grants, and other opportunities to build and support workers.

Membership Meetings are the 1st Saturday of every month. You will also have access to opportunities for learning, leadership building, skills building, and will qualify to represent SWU nationally and internationally.

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