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Our Story

SWU is a 32 year old inter-generational, multi issue community center focused on healing for the people & the planet.

What We Do

SWU organizes members to address collective needs of in their workplace and in their community.

Office Hours

 Contact us for an appointment. As we undergo construction and work form a trailer on site, we have limited space. Generally we are in office M-F 9am to 3pm.

Misson and Vision:

As an organization of low-income, working class families and youth, SWU unites in one collective struggle for self-governance based on dignity, respect, justice and liberation. SWU organizes its grassroots members through de-colonization, emancipatory education, leadership development and direct action for worker rights, environmental justice, and systemic change.

We envision all inclusive sustainable healthy communities rooted in dignity, justice and respect for self-determination, social-economic well-being autonomy and pachamama.

Misson y Visión:

Como una organización de familias de la clase obrera y la juventud con bajos ingresos,, SWU une en una lucha colectiva por un autogobierno basado en la dignidad, respeto, justicia y liberación. SWU organiza a sus miembros de base a través de la descolonización, educación emancipadora, desarrollo de liderazgo y acción directa para los derechos de los trabajadores, la justicia ambiental y el cambio sistémico.

Tenemos la visión de comunidades saludables, sostenibles e inclusivas todos arraigados en dignidad, justicia y respeto a la auto-determinación, la autonomía social-económico y la pachamama.

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