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Comadre Economies Toolkit

Alernative Economies Tool kit.

Get Out the Vote: Gente Guide

A guide on getting out the vote in San Antonio created for the Nuestra Voz workshop series to mobilize voters beyond election day.

Summer Promotorxs Report

Southwest Workers Union conducted a 3 week blockwalking campign during the summer gathering conversations on how to be address climate action in San Antonio and understand current health issues plaguing the neighborhood.


SWU’s approach to voter engagement is rooted in eliminating barriers through education, leadership development, and advocacy promoting bold cross-cutting politices that support a healthy community development with an emphasis on empowering marginalized groups to build programs that are not only good for the environment but for the economy as well.

Census 2020 x Citizenship

This statement is a response to the United States Census 2020 committee proposal to include a Citizen question for the upcoming census cycle. Further more the City of San Antonio was considering entering in legal action stating a violation to the Civil Rights of Immigrant populations residing in the US.

Statement on Paris Agreement

A statement on San Antonio's involvement in the Paris Agreement created between Fuerza Unida and Southwest Workers Union.

Food Insecurity and the Working Poor

A food policy brief calling on a regional food system that supports healthy, equitable, access, opportunities, oucomes for workers.

The policy brief shares the vision for food justice and how national policy opportunities can create more access for a local food system addressing issues of health, jobs, and fresh food. 

Get Out the Vote 2012

A report over Nuestra Voz campaign to increase voter turnout in Bexarand Medina Country during th 2012 elections. Hundreas of new voters and members were contacted to ensure they had access to precinct information, rides, and to answer much needed questions around the unconstitutional Texas Voter ID law.

SWU lead a campaign across two counties to ensure communities of color are engaged in holding elected officials accountable.

People's Freedom Caravan Report USSF 2007

For Southwest Workers Union and many organization in the southern half of the U.S. the social forum was more about the PROCESS of getting there than merely the participation in the event itself. We used this opportunity as a way to build upon the movement in the region and bring grassroots leaders together - young and old - to share their stories, to hear and see first hand the history and the realities in the southern U.S.

Over 500 strong and 8 buses deep with thousands involved along the way, Selma allowed us to continue the dialogue, reflect on their whirlwind of experiences and think about the future.

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