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We have 5 Days to Keep the Lights on for 70k Residents!

5 Days of Action- We are community members united to hold our utility and city leaders accountable to ratepayers at CPS Energy and SAWS as they resume disconnections for non-payment starting Oct.1. CPS Energy will be seeking a rate hike in the fall of this year and we are calling city council to not rubberstamp this rate hike without rate reform and a path to close the polluting Spruce Coal Plant. The utility has a vacancy on the board of trustees and a nominee is being selected by a two-member selection committee behind closed doors without public input. We are calling on CPS Energy and city council to nominate Dr. Adelita Cantu, a health professional, educator and community advocate to the board of trustees.

Sign the online Online Petition:

Tuesday 9/28: Tweet Storm/Phone Zap to mayor, city council and CPS Energy board-more details to come

Wednesday 9/29: Attend and speak at the Municipal Utilities Committee 10am. Location: Council Briefing Room, City Hall. 100 Plaza de Armas

Sign up to speak:


Attend and speak at City Council Public Comment Sessions Wednesday 9/29 5pm;

Municipal Plaza Building 114 W Commerce St

Sign up to speak:

Thursday 9/30: Attend and speak at City Council A session 9am. Municipal Plaza Building 114 W Commerce St.


Friday 10/1: Vigil inside CPS Energy Headquarters to acknowledge our neighbors that will be facing disconnections starting Oct. 1. Donations for flashlights, solar batteries, and water gallons will be accepted.

Photo from the Week of Action Launch Day at CPS Energy Headquarters where residents shared the reality that residents are facing during the current pandemic.

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