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SWU hosting Intake Clinic and Fresh Food Distribution

SWU will be supporting our community by hosting an assistance clinic to help sign residents up for the Cities Assistance program and to help with getting on a payment plan to avoid electric and gas disconnections.

Join us at 1416 E. Commerce on September 24 from 1pm to 6pm.

City of San Antonio Fair Housing Emergency Assistance Program


Necessary documents:

  • Proof of identification for the person applying TX driver’s license or ID card, Matrícula Consular, Social Security card, passport (US or otherwise), birth certificate, tax returns, stamped copy of medical record

  • One thing that shows what’s causing problem with bills Notice of unemployment, firing, or furlough. Notice to vacate or of eviction. Check stubs showing a loss of hours. Bank statements from different months showing a drop in income. Or write a letter explaining your situation. There must be some connection to the pandemic: job loss, someone in the house got sick, you had to pay more for medical care, someone in the house is immune compromised, or even you left your job out of worry of getting sick.

  • Proof of income for last two months Bank statements, check stubs, award letters from a federal or state benefit program, pay history from your job, receipts from job payments.

  • Proof of where you live Lease or rent statement, or utility bill in your name. Can also be an informal written letter from landlord.

  • Contact info for your landlord Name and phone number required, email preferred.

Application typically takes 7-10 days for a decision, total of 2-4 weeks for distribution of payment. Call 210-207-6459 to check on status.

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