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San Antonio Back 2 School Resources

We created this list of resources for parents and students to access financial resources and other types of support. This is a living list and will be updated as we find more resources for our youth group.

The YLO Program is a place for youth to learn leadership skills and to organize in the community. The YLO Summer Program is going on its 15th year of developing strong leaders in the community. Back 2 SWU and the support it offers is becoming more vital to our community due to low income and low wages worsened by the COVID-19 Pandemic.Education is a fundamental necessity for our youth and their futures. The YLO wants to help students in their preparation, participation, and confidence in order to foster a stronger community within our next generation of leaders and thinkers.

Our Back to School event on August 6 will provide many valuable resources to the community including school supplies, hygiene packets, haircuts, bus passes, food and a safe and fun environment to connect with family, friends, and community.

The Back to School event is youth led and provides hands-on training and experiences for our Youth.

We are fundraising until August 4. Please help support working families by making a donation today and sharing our fundraiser with friends and family.

VIA Bus Pass Discounts:

Via U-PASS: The U-PASS is available by downloading the VIA goMobile+ app onto your smartphone and creating an account using the email address associated with your university. Once signed in, your U-PASS will automatically show up within minutes. Eligible students, faculty or staff who do not have access to a smart device, can simply show an Alamo Colleges ID to the bus operator when boarding.

VIA Semester Pass: Application form

Elementary & middle school students can get discounts without a special ID. High school, trade school & college students can get a Reduced Fare ID or present their school ID when boarding. Reduced Fare IDs are available at no cost for qualifying students if the school does not provide student IDs, and are available at VIA Information Centers, except at Randolph or Ellis Alley. The Reduced Fare ID requires completion of the semester pass application & proof of registration at the school.

SNAP Info:


Internet Service Assistance:

LGBTQ+ Resources/Centers:

Pride Center: 1303 McCullough Ave #160, San Antonio, TX 78212

Fiesta Youth: 702 Donaldson Ave, San Antonio, TX 78201

Free Pantries List:


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