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Plant Magic

The usage of medicinal herbs and plants dates back centuries and is an important part of many cultures across time and the globe. At Roots of Change we strive to have culturally correct medicinal herbs growing at all times so that we can have them readily available for community needs. In the past, before we were under construction, we’ve even had dedicated garden beds set aside for medicinal herbs including mugwort, sage, and salvias.

Medicinal herbs and plants are so important because they help BIPoC navigate healthcare outside of capitalism. Since we are a food sovereignty centered space, we hope to help facilitate this by allowing community members to harvest herbs for free.

In addition to the medicinal properties, plants often have symbolism attached to them. Some plants are seen as symbols of prosperity, wealth, and fertility and are used in cultural practices such as Hoodoo and Santeria. These practices and belief systems are important parts of cultures of color and deserve to continue to be practiced today. Many of our medicinal herbs double as spiritual herbs, such as Bay leaves, and so we think its important to continue having them readily available for our communities to use.

Below is a chart of plants and trees that we’ve grown in the past, their symbolism, and their medicinal uses. ***Always check with a doctor and herbalist before trying medicinal herbs and plants yourself***



Medicinal Uses



High in fiber, has vitamin C, and antioxidants


Wealth and Financial Security

Anti Inflammatory properties and good for metabolism health


Life, Regeneration, and Marriage

​Improves wound healing and is a great source of fiber and antioxidants


Abundance, Prosperity, and Fertility

Aids in digestion and may help manage blood sugar levels

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