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Our 35th Anniversary and International Workers Day Celebration

On April 28th, 2023 we held a significant Southwest Workers Union 35th Anniversary and International Workers Day celebration. The location was a vibrant full-of-life Martin Luther King Park. It was full of vibrant and colorful decorations. We made sure to have fresh flowers to welcome our community members to the space. This joyful gathering witnessed the participation of 50 enthusiastic individuals. Who shared a common purpose of recognizing workers' contributions worldwide while celebrating a remarkable milestone. The day was filled with camaraderie, appreciation, and a collective determination to promote workers' rights and well-being.

Most of our comrades joined us.

  • * Asian American Pacific Islanders for Justice. They spoke on enlightening lessons learned from Filipino farm workers.

  • * Health Collaborative- distributed COVID tests, and shared updates on COVID protocols.

  • *Act 4 SA- Came and encouraged folx to vote. They informed folx on Prop A. Anyone that came by their table got to make a cool button with cute images. The images ranged from lgbtqia, indigenous, and black power.

  • *Starbucks Union- shared information on their struggle and why folx should join unions. Also shared if you needed help starting one they can share resources.

  • *Industrial Workers of the World- Shared an overview history of International Worker's Day

  • * Liquid Nails, Best Little Repro Market, and Mootual Aid - Brought a bunch of harm reduction goodies. Included Narcan, pads, and tampons. Provided calendar dates for volunteering/ events, and informational zines.

Another cool thing about our event is that we had a handful of curated children's activities. From bubbles station to coloring, and piñatas. It was a great hit.

We served some delicious food. The menu for the day was sausage wraps, creamy vegan potato salad, and a fresh Mediterranean salad. For beverages, we had cold and refreshing lemonade and water.

The gathering marked an unforgettable celebration of International Workers' Day and an anniversary. With 50 people in attendance, the event showcased the collective power of individuals coming together to commemorate the struggles and victories of workers worldwide. Through engaging activities and meaningful discussions. The event not only celebrated past achievements but also inspired a renewed commitment to creating a fairer and more just work environment for all. As the attendees departed with a sense of unity and purpose. The impact would continue to resonate. Encouraging a society that values and respects the contributions of workers.

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