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Now Hiring: May 6th Election Day Canvassers

We are going to the polls on May 6th.

One big issue that we are addressing is the urgency of ensuring all San Antonian's have a fair shot at a good life. This round of elections, items like decriminalizing misdemeanors, access to life saving health care and utility rate caps are on the line.

This is an important issue because it would ensure people can access clinics if they need care, get cited with tickets instead of arrest, which will allow for people to have a better shot at getting back to their lives.

The election day canvasser is tasked with collecting voter to support environmental justice issues in San Antonio. We are aiming to create a larger base of environmental justice activist to take action in our region.

The Details:

  • 8am to 8pm Shift at an assigned location

  • $18 per hour with a $2 hazard pay stipend - $228 for the full day

  • Lunch delivered to your location at 11am & Snacks 3pm

Canvassers will arrive at 1416 E. Commerce between 7am - 8am to pick up materials, sign the agreements and submit your lunch order. Each canvasser will be assigned a location and will remain in that location unless the traffic is low or they are unsuccessful in directly talking to voters. Canvassers will return to 1416 E. Commerce to pick up their check and drop off materials.


  • SSN or ITIN number

  • A form of ID

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