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Just Recovery: Wish List & Commitments

We are on our way to launching our largest food distribution event to support families not able to find food and water. What we heard back from our members is heartbreaking. Reports of no water access in homes, multiple burst pipes, bacteria and rust in water, collapsed roofs, cars that do not start, worries about docked pay and loss of income, concerns about home schooling or work with internet disconnections, uncertainty on water and electric bills and potential disconnections, and overarching need for mental health and healing support,

To Volunteer: Contact our social media pages or text 1210.665.9975.

To Donate: Visit the Network Food Good

If you wish to send a physical donation you can send it to 925 Nevada, San Antonio, TX 78203. The office address is not a reliable location to send packages to.

SWU Wish List & Commitments (Request based on asks from our Membership List)

  • Increase fresh food bag distribution to 500 community members every 3-4 days. (To provide 500 homes with a bag of 5-7 varieties of veggies, rice and beans cost us $3000)

  • Rebuild and replant the Roots of Change Community Garden to continue to provide organic veggies and herbs at no cost for the community.

  • Offer water refilling station for those without water.

  • Buy bottle water, jugs for drinking water distribution.

  • Repair the SWU building suffering weather damage to better serve the community. (Long Term: weatherize our brick and mortar 1920's building to serve as a weather shelter and movement hub, also pandemic reparations to allow for independent offices.)

  • Redistributing funding and supplies to local mutual aid groups and organizations.

  • Wish List: Solar charging stations, bottled water or 5 gallon jugs of water empty or filled, 5 gallon water pumps (electric less), water filtration systems like Berkey and life straw.

  • Creation of a local contractor network for repairing damaged houses, collapsed roof, broken water pipes, and home electric needs.

  • Continue to uplift the causes of the collapse, extent of the damages and policy needs.

  • Offer healing support for members in the form of safe spaces, traditional medicine, and online mental health relief.


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