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International Workers Day and Southwest Workers Union 35th Celebration

3503 Martin Luther King Dr Pavilion 1

San Antonio TX, 78220

3pm - 8pm

San Antonio, TX– The International Workers’ Day Celebration will host informative skill shares, artist vendors, information tables, and a short celebration showing how community-based markets can be sustainable, advance our local economy and provide spaces for further learning; we will be having free food, kids activities, music, and tables for various organizations that have partnered with us.

Speakers and Organizational Tables Include:

Asian American & Pacific Islanders for Justice: Lessons from Manongs in the Early Farmworker Movement

Industrial Workers of the World: Brief overview of IWW history, current struggles, and opportunities to plug in.

Health Collaborative: Will have Covid 19 Vaccines Available. Will be also sharing their work around the end of Health Emergency, and the Transition to Housing Assistance

Act4SA: Will speak about issues that are affecting workers.

Starbucks Union: Will speak about their unionizing work in San Antonio

Council District 5 Terri Castillo: Pecan Shellers Strike

Council District 2 Council Jalen MaKee-Rodriguez: East Side Q & A

Organizations and community groups involved support policy and positive development that focuses on remedying existing socioeconomic factors. We are calling for a movement that offers solutions, healing and dignity for affected persons. Communities are partnering to fight back against the deterioration of civil rights and environmental protections. From issues of gentrification to healthy foods to equitable economic development to green jobs, there is a growing interest among residents and some public officials to address long-standing issues that arise from the racial and economic segregation in San Antonio.

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