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Fall Transition Time at Roots of Change

Over the spring and into summer, we had several big harvests from our tomato and pepper plants and one big harvest of onions from our salsa garden. We were able to donate most of the produce to local free fridges or “freedges” where community members in need had access to it.

As summer temps rose, we decided it was best to transition the garden to our fall crops. The YLO and SWU staff pulled all the old plants and composted them. Then we amended the soil with cow manure and fresh soil before planting our next crops. We chose to plant pumpkins, marigolds, and a few medicinal herbs including sage and patchouli. The goal is to have pumpkins for our youth group to carve for Halloween and to have marigolds for Día de Los Muertos. We then gave all the beds a good soak and covered them with mulch to keep the soil safe from the relentless heat and sun. Mulch helps to shade the soil and also helps with water retention so the plants stay hydrated.

Here’s hoping all our hard work pays off and we have a lush harvest this fall!

More info on the free fridge movement:What is a free fridge or freedge

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