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Black History Month Highlights: Ebony

Ebony’s gardening comes from her grandmother who always had what Ebony describes as, “an immaculate garden.” She has fond memories of learning from her grandmother’s green thumb and that knowledge eventually led her to working in a community garden and then a family landscaping business. Originally from Missouri, Ebony’s family moved to San Antonio when her husband’s work transferred him to Texas. Although she says San Antonio often feels like a “Commuter city with people coming and going”, Ebony enjoys the second growing season in Texas and credits Facebook groups for helping her meet locals. Different sized pots and containers line the fence as she shows me her fruit trees grouped together, which she cleverly named “The Orchard.” Ebony says she likes the freedom that container gardening allows her as she's able to grow in a rental home while also being able to take her garden with her when it's time to move again. Next Ebony shows me herbs that she's growing and explains she's been experimenting with making her own essential oils. As the tour comes to an end, we share stories and jokes, Ebony’s warm laughter fills the air as if to drive home the point that gardens can be places to let one’s guard down and welcome community together. Thank you to Ebony for allowing us into her home to see her garden and for sharing her story with us for Black History Month! You can follow Ebony on Instagram @love_me_to_life


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