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A Look Back at May-July in the Garden 2022

This summer was a brutal one but we kept right on gardening. One notable workday was our PRIDE workday where we curated a queer centered space in tandem with the larger Southwest Workers Union (SWU) PRIDE programing. We also had a Juneteenth celebration that included building an altar in the garden and discussing the history of the holiday-especially as a Texas specific holiday. During this time construction started and our medicinal garden had to be transplanted into pots. Unfortunately a lot of plants did not survive the move but we learned many lessons from our loss. We were able to engage with 17 volunteers this quarter. We saw many new faces, with many coming from our Instagram posts and PRIDE programing. Something that stood out was that many people seemed to enjoy themed workdays so we hope to continue that kind of programing in 2023 and beyond.

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