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Songs in the Key of SWU

Just released. New Spotify Playlist.

"San Anto + Southwest Workers Union + DJ Despeinada + 2020. A medicinal mix of música to envigorate, inspire, and elevate, from DJ Despeinada to all y'all. Artwork by Kayla Nicole Matta @mamachiflada"

Listen to the Playlist on Spotify:

Many thanks to Bonnie for spending her time and energy crafting a list of songs that animate us to continue in our movement. You can listen to the video interview with Bonnie below.

You can follow DJ Despeinada on Instagram and Facebook. You can also support her work on a monthly basis through her Patron.

Centro por la Justicia, known as Southwest Workers’ Union (SWU), is an organization of low-income workers and families, community residents, and youth, united in one organizational struggle for worker rights, environmental justice and community empowerment. Based in San Antonio, Texas, SWU empowers and organizes members through education, leadership development, and direct action. The aim is to build multi-generational grassroots power to create sustainable systemic change for social, economic, and environmental justice and to build the movement for dignity and justice.

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