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SWU Launches Community Care Program

SWU is activating a Just Recovery Collaborative Team to take on and provide relief and support during and after covid-19 through a justice, femme lens. We are also looking for volunteers and asking you to add any people to the link below that need apoyo right now. All of the funding SWU receives will go directly to this work.

This quote from La Via Campesina has brought some inspiration to me in this moment:

  • Stay at home, and pledge not to remain silent. Now is the time to carry out creative struggles from within the confines of our farms and houses.

  • Let us transform the windows, the terraces, the gardens and fields into our demonstration squares, turn our pots and pans into drums of resistance.

  • Let us make our banners of denunciation! Let our walls speak and show our strength and resistance amid this scenario of crisis and capitalist hegemony.

  • Let us build solidarity and think about how to share with the community, neighbourhood or friends and how to help the most vulnerable people.

  • Let us pledge to consume food from local peasant cooperatives and communities, and not from the transnationals! Go to the local markets, buy directly from the producer and your neighborhood shops and promote humanist values

Sending you all much love. If you are able to offer guidance, assistance, or suggestions on how to make the process better send us a message.


Alicia, Anacua, Bonnie, Brian, Sandra, & Diana


Our purpose is to: / El propósito es:

  1. To provide relief for people through online socialization, self care ideas, maintain calm and optimistic momentum. Mental support. / Dar apoyo a miembros usando videochat, cuidado de uno mismo, mantener calma y momento positivo. Apoyo mental.

  2. Real time support for membership and general community to sign up for assistance programs, food programs, homework, mental health programs offered by agencies and foundations. / Apoyo en tiempo real para la membresía y la comunidad en general para inscribirse en programas de asistencia, programas de alimentos, tarea, programas de salud mental ofrecidos por agencias y fundaciones.

  3. To advance a just recovery in preparation for post covid-19 needs such as food, housing, cultural and spiritual grounding, social action and direction. / Para avanzar en una recuperación justa en preparación para las necesidades despues de covid-19, como alimentación, vivienda, bases culturales y espirituales, acción y dirección social.

  4. Demand county, local and state officials for a relief fund that would enact and would freeze rent, mortgages, and give aid such as the internet, bus to people who need it. / Demandas al condado para crear un fodo para ponder un alto a renta, - Policy implemented.

Program Items:

  • Support in Signing up for Assistance Programs and Mutual Aid (Launch April 8)

  • Housing Assistance in San Antonio - rental mortgage assistance

  • Puro Mutual Aid (Spanish)

  • School Meal Finder

  • National Domestic Workers United

  • Increase Food Production at Roots of Change (ongoing)

  • focus on healing foods, culturally relevant and easy to prepare and clean

  • Distribute available produce Saturdays, including dry goods, at location and delivery.

  • Home Garden Program with educational guidance and supplies (Launch April 16)

  • distribute grow bags to each home with mature plants for home gardening practices and learning

  • prioritize homes with children and elders.

  • access to free mulch, compost and plants for home gardens

  • Information and Education on COVID -19 and Social Justice - Liberation - Just Transition Direction

  • Youth Based Work:

  • 1 on 1 with youth to support home education

  • Self Care Packages for Members (first round for youth went out on April 1)

  • mask made by our trabajadoras program

  • seeds

  • coloring sheets

  • local business cosita

No Nos Venceremos. La Lucha Sigue.

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