2020 Voter Engagement Promotorx Campaign Begins

Tonight our integrated voter engagement (IVE) promotorxs hit the phones for the start of our 21-day Get Out the Vote campaign! Tonight we focused on all our SWU members and supporters! Tomorrow we’ll start calling Districts 2 & 4. Our ask is simple, to commit folks to go vote in the presidential primaries. We’re also polling registered voters about funding for the Edwards Aquifer Protection Program and our transit system.

With all eyes on Iowa, at SWU we recognize that voting is damage control in a rigged political system that was conceived by slave owners and killers of indigenous people. We organize to build deeper people power in order to envision new forms of governance that is truly for the people and by the people!!!

* * * If you are looking for volunteer hours and are interested in being part of our IVE Campaign, contact Anacua@swunion.org * * *

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