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Comadre Economies Vegan Food Demo with Mama Tierra

This year, we continued to expand on our comadre economies framework which arose from our just transition work. Our long time member and Vegan chef, Ale Tierra hosted a “Vegan on a Budget” cooking demo. The Saturday event was held in the Roots of change Garden and Co-op and saw 16 folks come through to learn how to make plant based and nut-free cheddar and alfredo cheese. The bases were added to make mac n cheese, Alfredo pasta, nachos and rajas con crema. Ale’s dishes were enough to satiate everyone’s taste buds for only $2.20 per person. There was enough food for seconds. Skills shares are a very integral part to SWU’s work especially when people don’t like to cook out of their comfort zone. The need is present to host more food demos around foods that push our understanding of nutrition and yet don’t require spending a lot of money. Savory, healthy and inexpensive meals can all exist together. Keep an eye out in 2020 for more food demos in our outdoor kitchen!

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