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A Just Recovery for the Gulf South & beyond

As we wrap up 2019, we joined an exploratory group working on Just Recovery work as climate change continues to disrupt weather patterns across the globe, we have also seen them become politicized and weaponized by imperialism, white nationalists and corporations with little oversight.

As we respond to help our relatives, it’s important to expand on what it means to rebuild based on JUSTICE & DIGNITY. After many members and a couple of organizers families lost homes and faced environmental damage after Hurricane Harvey, the reality is this will become more frequent and in 2020 it is up to us as a community to create our own framework for recovery efforts built on mutual support not extractive capitalism.

For a look at community response after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico: >> HERE <<

As we saw Trump & ICE increase border surveillance to trap people of color fleeing from the path of hurricanes we must also build plans that include diverse voices as the ways storms can impact our neighborhoods may also come from those our families assume will protect us in extreme weather situations. Though it may sound dramatic, the expansion of a militarized border region combined with white nationalist government is no a hypothetical for the Texas coast or beyond. We will explore this plan more in depth in 2020!

Just Recovery Allies:

Another Gulf is Possible: >> HERE <<

T.E.J.A.S. : >> HERE <<

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