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We wrapped up a visit to the Carrizo Comecrudo (Estok G'na) village in the Rio Grande Valley this weekend. Braving temperatures of 115 degrees to stand in solidarity with our relatives, the village site is a commitment by the Estok G'na to protect our sacred burial sites from militarization and xenophobia. Our experiences are only a microcosm of the work faced by our elders, it is important for the community to follow tribal leadership and find ways to support those who defend creation and their traditional lands. As of this writing, the federal government guided by both parties have waived several rules ( 25 laws & statutes have been waived) to support the completion of Trump’s racist wall and disruption of life on the Rio Grande delta.

Real environmental justice work must begin with a connection to decolonial work and in turn break away from settler-capitalist based ideas of borders and who has the right to migrate. For thousands of years the Rio Grande was life giving nurturer to countless communities. The Rio Grande fed, clothed, protected and help spread language, spirit and seed cultures to help build strong native communities. In less than 200 years, the Rio Grande has been militarized, poisoned, exploited, and used as a tool of racist propaganda. Many folks in our community come from this river, our ancestors had profound relationships with it that we know find ourselves in deep mourning and trauma. As the river occasionally no longer touches the Gulf of Mexico and is fenced to cruelly keep out migrating people, it’s devastatingly unique experience to travel to places such as Albuquerque where we can interact with the river freely.

The river is part of Estok Gna sacred lands and it is our duty to support their efforts to build their own autonomy and rebuild kinship practices that ensure that they are supported and uplifted in their efforts. As the Climate Crisis worsens, we will continue to see mass migrations of people, and as indigenous people in the United States are so often limited in their sovereignty by capitalism and colonialism we must reaffirm our commitment to indigenous leadership as folks building climate sustainable communities. As people of the lower Rio Grande it is our sacred duty to stand up for migrating folks and for indigenous autonomy. We must follow the lead of our elders. these are not just our elders these our relatives.

Ayema Payase'l!

Yalui Village still needs volunteers and support, for more information connect with the Estok Gna on Facebook for updates.

Additional Links:

Carrizo Comecrudo GoFundMe >> HERE <<

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