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Organizing Beyond Election Day

The Civic Engagement program ran a 9 week Spring Campaign. The promotorxs made 22,356 outreach attempts and talked to 2,136 residents about the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, paid sick leave, and GOTV efforts!

Each of the two campaigns culminated in something tangible for the community members they were serving. The fruits of their labor resulted in a D2 candidate forum which brought District 2 residents and candidates together to talk about social justice issues affecting the East Side. After their second campaign, the end result was an International Workers Day Resource Fair, which brought over 200 east side residents & SWU members to access to many health and healing services and activities for their kiddos! Our goals with this program is to mobilize voters to take action beyond voting day.

We really just want to take a moment and appreciate the Promotorxs! Without them, the scale we reached would not have been possible! Thank You.

Follow our day to day activity on Instagram @swujustice.

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