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Roots of Change Garden Updates - Fall/Winter

This years fall programing focused on making spaces for education geared at connecting the revolutionary reasons for community garden and the skills building towards making those visions possible. The Fall season for us is September through late November and is based on the weather patterns.

Our partnerships with universities supported the completion of major projects around sheet mulching, new beds, irrigation and seed germination and a station dedicated for seedlings.

In addition, we received a huge donation of seeds that were shared in 20 events as well as given to every visitor of the organization.

The Winter prep began a bit earlier since San Antonio received its first freeze in early November, which negatively affected the majority of our crops.

Winter for the Roots of Change Garden is all about dreaming and scheming for the spring garden season. During the end of November to mid January the garden takes a bit of a vacation to rest and rejuvenate the soil. This time is for our members to spend with their families and reap the harvest from the fall season.


  • Estimated 20 workdays, bi-weekly and weekly workdays

  • Average of 5 people per workday, including 2 or 3 ROC CO-OP members

  • 4 Large Workgroup Workdays

  • St. Mary’s Continuing the Heritage - 30 people

  • UTSA Honors Students Group (x2) - 30 people

  • Dr. Cantu’s Nurses Group - 10-15 people

  • Projects Completed

  • Sheet mulched over 40 yards of mulch

  • Installed new annual beds with in-ground Irrigation

  • Built outdoor storage space

  • Built seed germination tent

  • Maintained weeds and brush

  • Planted more perennial and medicinal plants


  • El Agua Del Pueblo

  • Hosted by Beto Davila De’leon

  • Estimated about 8-10 in attendance

  • Pond anniversary / Fall Gardening discussion:

  • Hosted by Brian Gordon

  • Moved to following Saturday due heavy rainfall all week,

  • 7 people in attendance, mostly interested in Fall Gardening discussion

  • Traditional Healing Herbs and Medicinals:

  • Hosted by Yanawana Herbolarios

  • 9 people in attendance

  • Great interest in subject, will host more in future

  • Citrus Grafting / Fruit Tree Care:

  • Hosted by Justin Duncan of NCAT

  • Estimated 10 people in attendance, mostly with some prior knowledge.

  • Great interest in subject, will host more in future

Seed Bank

  • ROC was donated full pallet of seeds (estimated 500-700 lbs of seeds)

  • Set up and gave away seeds at 20 events

  • Estimated over 150 families have taken seeds

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