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Noche de Recuerdos: La Mala Hierba Nunca Muere

Communities and families came together for the 3rd Annual Noche de Recuerdos: La Mala Hierba Nunca Muere. For this year’s theme, American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Missions and Southwest Workers Union wanted to touch on our resilience and tenacity, “despite 300 years of missionization and colonization, the will to rise from the wisdom of our ancestors remains strong, just like medicinal plants who keep coming back.”

There was a resurgence of community and storytelling with historical healing. From the beautiful work showcased, the poets pouring their hearts out, to the vendors selling unique jewelry, dolls, and more, the gallery was a tapestry of artistic and artisan design. The exhibit continues to showcase local and regional artists and the night remains a safe space for all to unite, celebrate, and rejoice our indigenous connections to the land, culture, and each other because “la mala hierba nunca muere”.

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