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SWU 30 Years: International Workers Day 2018

It is an honor and a privilege to say that we are celebrating 30 Years as a social justice community organization. Southwest Workers Union ( SWU) was founded in 1988 with the intention to advocate for just wages and working conditions for underpaid local school workers in Hondo Texas. In the early 90's until 2000, SWU worked out of a home office in the Southside of San Antonio incorporating environmental justice along with the public working class issues. From 2001 to present, Southwest Workers Union is now permanently housed on the Eastside of San Antonio on E. Commerce St. SWU now focuses on workers rights, healthy communities and civic engagement.

On May 1st 2018, International Workers Day, SWU celebrated 30 years of community work by unveiling a new mural in collaboration with San Anto Cultural Arts and American Indians in Texas. The mural gives some historical context of San Antonio focusing on the African American and Native communities. The event brought out so many supporters from our youth to our elders to celebrate with music, food and community speakers. To see such an inter-generational crowd coming together, in support of not just the organization but its history and shared struggles in the community, created a magical environment with beautiful energy. We must keep up our hope in order to keep empowering and educating our communities in this current political landscape. Adelante y hasta la victoria!

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