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Community Care During COVID -19

Southwest Workers Union - Centro por la Justicia offices will be closed as long as recommended to help limit potential to exposure of COVID-19. During this time our organizers will work at home and all upcoming events will be postponed including our April 4th Membership Meeting. We encourage everyone to engage in compassionate  community practices and offering support to vulnerable community members especially the elders.

In this moment many community collectives are activating and we encourage folks to make their own plans and contacts for loved ones. During this moment we ask for folks to practice responsible preparation that does not feed into capitalist practices of hoarding for self. Below are a few of the ways we will be providing community care. This is not a charity, this is solidarity, our community supporting each other will get us through this, that is why our fundraising team is looking for grants and tightening our yearly budget to move funds into this work.

There are several potential methods to keep you and your family safe and we encourage our membership and allies to act wisely during this moment but take necessary precautions that in time will help us to continue building towards our vision of a just transition for San Antonio based in dignity, justice and respect. 


For updates, questions donations or to volunteer you may contact us or message organizers directly. We will be following up with direct phone calls to each of our members and allies to sign up for mutual aid programs and access to food.

For donations you can use venmo @swu-justice or Network for Good or Paypal All donation's will go directly to people who need them or supplies for care packages.


In Solidarity,

Southwest Workers Union


To provide relief for people through online socialization, self care , maintain calm and optimistic momentum.  / Dar apoyo a  miembros usando videochat, cuidado de uno mismo, mantener calma y momento positivo.


Real time support for membership  and general community to sign up for assistance programs, provide food boxes, and commitment to a undocu-fund and utilites fund.  / Apoyo en tiempo real para la membresía y la comunidad en general para inscribirse en programas de asistencia, programas de alimentos, undocu-fondo y fondo para utiles.


To advance a just recovery in preparation for post covid-19 needs such as food, housing, cultural, and spiritual grounding, social action and direction. / Para avanzar en una recuperación justa en preparación para las necesidades despues de covid-19,  como alimentación, vivienda, bases culturales y espirituales, acción y dirección social.



Demand county, local and state officials for a relief fund that would enact and would freeze rent, mortgages, and give aid such as the internet, bus to people who need it. / Demandas al condado para crear un fodo para ponder un alto a renta, ipotecas y dar apoyo como acesso al internet gratis.

Updates: If you are a member or supporter of our work but have not recieved weekly updates we don't have your updated information. Click Here to Update Your Info.

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Sign Up

We are in transition of our crop rows into the next season. Unfortunately we have no more garden produce at this moment. However we have partnered with River City Produce and The People's Nite Market to provide fresh food boxes. Sign up every week for a box.

Southwest Workers Union Undocufund is av

2020: $60,000 was raised to support 400 housholds. In 2021 we are working to raise and equal amount of funds to support our community.

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We are looking to for volunteers to support our online sessions, and check ins with our youth group and workers circles. Our goal is to meet weekly to provide metal care and relief during this Social Distancing period.

Program only offered in 2020

In an effort to provide rapid relief the food boxes will help, however we have grow bags to support sustainable de-centralized food production, provide stress relief, and an outdoor class room for your kiddos. The bags come set up all you have to do it water it, and put it in a sunny location, and maybe sometimes sing to it.

Care Packages

On your doorstep packages filled with bulk dry goods, local produce, small business cositas, traditional medicines, and safety supplies.


A total of 500 packages were delivered and handed to elders, families and volunteers.


We work to provide produce at no cost to our community. All donations identified under Just Recovery will go towards this program.

Pick Up Your Phone

Our team is working to understand what your needs are during this time. We will be phone banking our full list of active members. As we take in needs we will direct you and help you sign up for funds or assitance.

Image by Yu Hosoi

Restaurant Gwendolyn is working on a project to provide steady meals to medical workers responding to the pandemic, beginning with a target 8 week period starting as soon as we find funding. $8 meals are being provided free of cost for University Health Care Workers.

Update: A total of $8,000 was fund raised to provide food for medical workers.

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