Membership Meeting Report Back

A mist a global pandemic, our members came together to touch base on the rapid response work SWU conducted as well as garner conversation on future needs. This was the first online membership meeting SWU has conducted. Our work is rooted in bringing people together, as we learn and shift on how that happens, we will continue to provide spaces to guide our work forward. The voices of our members is what defines our work and we wanted to create a space that was healing based and focused on identifying where we need to be. The primary discussion was on how SWU can shift in the future. A particular need that was uplifted was spaces for healing, health information, and political education to ensu

Workers United Will Never Be Defeated!

Southwest Workers Union unites with frontline workers in supporting the health and safety of communities in this extractive economy known as capitalism. Mayfirst is a significant day in history that shifted workers rights. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves among one of the most historic strikes led by grocery, healthcare, delivery and other essential workers. Workers have always been essential and we support their demands and acknowledge the efforts they have taken to ensure that our grocery stores remain shelved and open, that our sick loved ones receive the best care, and that our deliveries and mail arrive promptly to our homes and so much more.Today, as corporation

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