We want to thank all the members who came out to pachangar last night!! No matter what the outcome, we were going to celebrate. The SA Climate Ready vote had been delayed twice while the business community, lobbyists and leadership at the utility companies tried to disrupt the outcome of the plan in their favor ( a non-passing vote). Community allies spent several years working on this plan, and were giong to celebrate that because organizers of color are never afforded a moment to rest and celebrate their own hard work. The real victory of the SA Climate Ready Plan is the community action taken to get us here, and the work needed to get us to a more climate equitable future beyond 2019.

SWU Statement on the SA Climate Ready Plan

On Thursday October 17, 2019, during the A session meeting of San Antonio City Council, the SA Climate Ready Plan was approved in a 10-1 vote by Mayor Ron Nirenberg and City Council after 2 years of intense organizing by climate justice organizers and allies. This is a large victory for community organizers in frontline neighborhoods who have been fighting for environmental justice with Southwest Workers Union and our local grass roots allies. Through our work on this Climate Action & Adaptation plan, San Antonio has become the second major city in Texas to commit to carbon net neutrality by 2050. While Southwest Workers Union members and organizers acknowledge the plan is only a stepping s

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