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We wrapped up a visit to the Carrizo Comecrudo (Estok G'na) village in the Rio Grande Valley this weekend. Braving temperatures of 115 degrees to stand in solidarity with our relatives, the village site is a commitment by the Estok G'na to protect our sacred burial sites from militarization and xenophobia. Our experiences are only a microcosm of the work faced by our elders, it is important for the community to follow tribal leadership and find ways to support those who defend creation and their traditional lands. As of this writing, the federal government guided by both parties have waived several rules ( 25 laws & statutes have been waived) to support the completion of Trump’s racist wa

YLO Hot Summer

In May, the YLO collaborated with La Trabajadoras del Hogar en Accion. We hosted a Mothers Day Event for our members on May 11th from 12 pm-4 pm. In this celebracion. We had about 50 people come out and enjoy some pampering. We offered manicures, hair do's, and makeup to our mommas. It also gave us time to have a one-on-one with our momma members. Talk about the current campaigns and also develop a more deep connection with them.Furthermore the summer was around the corner. SWU prepared for the Summer Youth Internship Program. The summer internship ran for 8 weeks at The Movement Gallery. We had a total of 15 youth interns. Ages ranged from 12-18. They learned about facilitation, culture, ar

Drag Brunch & Story Time

In August, or members, friends and allies, Los Mentirosos held a drag story time fundraiser at La Botanica to raise funds for our annual Back 2 SWU. The afternoon event brought more than 15 youth and their families for the story time. Los Mentirosos aim to uplift inclusivity within the LGBTQ+ community. The drag kings were able to raise more than $200 which went to supply K-12 graders with school supplies and backpacks.

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