2019 Climate Justice Alliance National Gathering - Albuquerque, NM

Diana and Beto represented SWU at the 2019 Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) National Gathering in Albuquerque. It was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with our national allies and share updates on the SA Climate Ready Plan process and different campaigns in our community as part of our work as a flagship Our Power Community of CJA. We started the journey connected with Tewa elders and language immersion program were children are relearning their indigenous language as well as community values and cultural practices. During our time together we expanding on whats happening on the ground across the globe, including indigenous voices from the Amazon speaking out against the fires, organizers

San Anto vs. Globalization

Southwest Workers Union hosted its first popular education program of the year. There has been a huge conversation on the new NAFTA deal known as USMCA. It is important for our community to learn. Apply different ways of fighting and coming up with alternative solutions. EVERYTHING that starts with globalization. It connects from the food that we eat, how it's grown with pesticides. To the waste and carbon footprint goes into climate change. The exploitation of human rights and generated slave labor. We had about 30 community members join us. The workshop started with an icebreaker. In the icebreaker, they were asked to check their partners clothing label. Some of the questions they asked

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