Immigration is a Climate Justice Issue

Southwest Workers Union demands justice for all incarcerated persons and a humane approach to immigration and for immediate unification of asylum seeking families detained at the border. The continued crisis happening in Texas is nothing new, the urgency that the issues have directly reflect the legacy of colonization of our lands along the Rio Grande and other so called borders. Migration is a human right, and the United States has has continued to punt the ball on real solutions for migrating persons for several generations now. We demand just immigration policy, the end of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the prosecution of human rights violations. The continued militarizat

South San SAISD, the Outsourcing of School Services and Layoffs

Let me put it out there that in many ways I speak from a position of privilege when it comes to conversations around labor and rights. The kinds of access that I have enjoyed comes from the sacrifices and support that both my parents have offered me my entire life, as well as the many people that have carved out paths, and created spaces, platforms, through much adversity, for others to be able to hold on to the fundamental elements that we as people need for our overall well being. So much can be said about the current political climate, and the kinds of attacks on marginalized communities we see and hear about every day. The popularizing and normalizing of divisive lines between people th

Paid Sick Time Action

Thursday 06/14 SWU attended a Paid Sick Time Action in front of City Hall. A group of about 30 people, including SWU and other local Organizations stood ground across the street from City Hall. Our desire was that our presence would remind City Council that the 144,000 petitions that were turned in, in Support of Paid sick time for workers, needed to be accounted for. All if City Council members including SA Mayor Ron whatever.

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